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Board Agendas & Minutes


Agenda   Board Packet   Minutes
December 18 Sp. Mtg   Board Packet    Minutes 
December 14 (DATE CHANGE)    Board Packet   Minutes
November 8    Board Packet   Minutes
October 11    Board Packet   Minutes
 October 2 Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
September 13    Board Packet   Minutes
 August 24   Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
 August 16   Sp. Mtg   Board Packet    Minutes
 August 9   Board Packet    Minutes
 August 7   Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
 July 26    Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
 July 17    Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
July 7       Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
June 28   Sp. Mtg    Board Packet   Minutes
June 20    Sp Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
June 15     Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
June 14    Board Packet   Minutes
June 6      Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
May 30     Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
May 24     Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
May 16     Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
May 10    Board Packet   Minutes
April 12    Board Packet   Minutes
March 27    Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
March 8    Board Packet   Minutes
February 22   Sp Mtg   None    Minutes
February 8    Board Packet   Minutes
 January 26   Sp. Mtg   Board Packet   Minutes
January 11    Board Packet   Minutes




     Board Packet      Minutes  
   December 14

  Board Packet    Minutes  
   November 9 

  Board Packet    Minutes  
   October 12

  Board Packet   Minutes  
   September 14

  Board Packet   Minutes   
   August 10

  Board Packet   Minutes   
  July (No Meeting)

  None   None   
   June 22 (Special Meeting)

  Board Packet    Minutes   
   June 8

  Board Packet    Minutes   
   June 7

  Board Packet   Minutes   
   May 19

  Board Packet
   May 11

  Board Packet    Minutes   
   April 18 (Special Meeting)

   April 13   Board Packet

   March 9    Board Packet

   February 24 (Special Meeting)

  Board Packet    Minutes   
   February 10 (Location Change - GHS)

   Board Packet     Minutes   
   February 1 (Emergency Closed Session)   No
   February 1 (Special Meeting)

   No   Minutes  
   January 13
  Board Packet


   Board Packet
   December 9    Board Packet    Minutes  
   November 16 Special        Minutes  
   November 12 Amended    Board Packet
   October 14    Board Packet    Minutes  
   September 9    Board Packet    Minutes  
   August 12 Amended    Board Packet    Minutes  
   June 24    Board Packet    Minutes  
   June 17    Board Packet    Minutes  
   June 10    Board Packet    Minutes  
   May 27    Board Packet    Minutes  
   May 20        Minutes  
   May 18        Minutes  
   May 13    Board Packet    Minutes  
   May 11 Closed      Special Meeting      Minutes  
   April 15    Board Packet    Minutes    
   April 1 Regular    Board Packet    Minutes  
   April 1 Closed    Special Meeting    Minutes  
   March 18    Board Packet    Minutes  
   March 11
   Board Packet    Minutes  
   February 11    Board Packet    Minutes  
   January 21 PM   Special Meeting    Minutes  
   January 21 AM    Special Meeting    Minutes  
   January 14    Board Packet    Minutes  

   Board Packet     Minutes   
   December 29
   December 19
  December 10
   Board Packet
   November 12
   Board Packet
   October 8    Board Packet
   September 10
   Board Packet
   August 13
   Board Packet
   August 7
   Board Packet
   June 25
   Board Packet
   June 23
   June 16
   June 11

District Office

Dr. William Barr, Interim Superintendent

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Executive Assistant
Sara Gomez

Board Meetings

Every second Wednesday of the month. Please visit our calendar for board room schedules. Click here for a copy of our Board Meeting Agendas.

Board of Education

Loretta Rose, Trustee Area #4
Pat Rocha, Trustee Area #3
Crickett Brinkman, Board President Trustee Area #1
Kevin Cordeiro, Trustee Area # 2
Richard Smith, Trustee Area #5

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